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National Honey Month

The more research conducted on honey, the more people learn about its versatility. This month, National Honey Month, we want to remind you honey is not just a kitchen staple. Medicinal honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. That is just the start! Honey is also a powerful anti-aging element because it contains enzyme and antioxidants that naturally moisturize the skin without making it oily. It is so gentle it is also great for use to make your own shampoo, creams and cleansers.


National Cholesterol Education Month

Seventy-one million Americans have high cholesterol, but only one-third of them have the condition under control. September is National Cholesterol Education Month — a good time to resolve the matter. A great way to do that is by eating the right kinds of foods. Avocado, garlic, dark chocolate, mushrooms, oats, walnuts, salmon and other fatty fish, legumes and olive oil all contribute to lowering bad cholesterol. But food is just part of the story, you must also reduce your table salt intake, drink alcohol in moderation, stay away from processed junk food plus watch food labels and watch your approach….


Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month has begun! Here’s a tid bit many confuse all the time…Forms often ask if you are white, black or hispanic. In reality being Hispanic or Latino is not a race it’s an ethnicity. Hispanics can be black, white, native or asian! But many are a mix of two or more races. No matter what your race is, if you’re Hispanic there are some diseases that target you genetically in part probably thanks to the foods you eat. Cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and AIDS all target minorities in the US most. Take this month to be…


3 Tips for Healthy Back to School Lunches

It’s important to learn about the foods your child is eating at school. School lunches may not be as healthy as we’d like so it is a great idea to send them to school with a healthy brown bag lunch. Here are 3 tips for healthy back to school lunches: The container is just as important. Try to find aluminum containers to ensure there’s no toxic run off from the plastic into their food. Purchase fruits and veggies on your day off and clean and chop them all at once to ensure you’re ready for the whole week. This will save you a ton…


Five Tips for Making Time for Exercise

Four percent of your day can change your body in mere months. One hour of your day is all it takes to get you fit. Here are five things you can change in your day to squeeze in a workout: Four percent of your day can change your body in mere months. One hour of your day is all it takes to get you fit. A few tiny changes in your day are all that is needed to squeeze in a workout. Here are five tips for making time for exercise: 1) Turn off the tube: Television can be a distracting…


Listen to your Body

When we realize we are unhealthy and overweight, we have often been ignoring our bodies for far too long. You absolutely must listen to your body. Here are five ways your body is telling you that you need a change: 1) Your eyes: have you noticed that the dark circles under your eyes are darker and deeper? This is a sign that you need to take more time to sleep. What may not be so obvious is that dark circles can also be a sign of food allergies. Talk to your doctor about this symptom and journal your food intake…


Improving Your Fitness and Energy Level With Vitamins and Supplements

I’ve got fitness on my mind. This has been a thrilling month for sports enthusiasts. The Tour de France just finished and the World Cup is not quite a distant memory. Watching those men competing, I can’t help but admire their impressive feats of athleticism. Of course, these are professional athletes with a plethora of resources and renowned physiologists at their disposal. But there are plenty of serious, non-professional competitors also looking for improved performance. And while nothing short of fairy dust will turn any of us into Chris Horner or Tim Howard; vitamins, supplements and medications will help improve…

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