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Flavored Medicine – Compounded Prescription Candy

It’s no fun when your kids are sick. You want to do everything in your power to make them feel better. But the fact is that in most instances the only thing that’s going to help is medicine. We know … children and medicine are not the best of friends. We’ve all heard horror stories of parents having to plead and cajole their kids into taking a spoonful of something. Some of us have even starred in them. While we may applaud your efforts and laugh at your expense, we want you to know you don’t have to torture yourself….


ADHD Awareness Month

Because October is Global ADHD Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight the fact that standard prescription drugs don’t always provide adequate relief, especially for patients dealing with complex conditions such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. In those cases, compounded medications, which are personalized for each patient, are always a great alternative. There are several ways to help a person that suffers from ADHD. Besides finding a personalized, compounded medication to treat ADHD, making certain changes to diet and routine may help. Many doctors and patients are noticing an improvement by simply eliminating processed foods and those containing chemical additives and sugars….


3 Tips for Healthy Back to School Lunches

It’s important to learn about the foods your child is eating at school. School lunches may not be as healthy as we’d like so it is a great idea to send them to school with a healthy brown bag lunch. Here are 3 tips for healthy back to school lunches: The container is just as important. Try to find aluminum containers to ensure there’s no toxic run off from the plastic into their food. Purchase fruits and veggies on your day off and clean and chop them all at once to ensure you’re ready for the whole week. This will save you a ton…

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