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Exercising Is A Choice

It’s a wise choice to find a way to exercise. The obvious choices may not work for you, gym, run, or a class, so play with your kids, find your inner kid or take a long walk on your favorite beach or at the mall. There is a choice for everyone.


Choose To Be Healthy

Get informed on health and nutrition then make the choices that will change your life. Need a wellness coach? Call us, we can help.


Mummy Dust as Medicine?

This month, there’s much talk of all things creepy. Here’s a creepy thought. Starting in the 12th century, in the middle east, people began grinding up Egyptian mummies and using the powder for various health ills, both internally and externally, and even household uses.


Soothing Syrups

Soothing syrups used long ago for teething tots or terrible two sufferers contained up to 65 mg morphine and other ingredients like sulphate, chloroform, morphine hydrochloride, codeine, heroin, powdered opium, cannabis indica and sometimes one in combination of others! So if parenting seems like a hard job, don’t feel like they had it way harder back in the day, those poor children were drugged heavily to keep them calm!


Wellness tip

Here’s this week’s wellness tip: Juicing and making green smoothies is a simpler way to try to incorporate the health benefits of fruits and veggies.There are dozens of recipes online and you can start with fruits and sweet or tasteless veggies like spinach and carrots while you work your way up to tastes like wheatgrass and ginger.


Healthy People

So often healthy people are labeled as fearful, obsessive worrywarts… Eating healthy, organic food, having a set exercise routine, reducing your exposure to environmental contaminants and using green products can all make a difference in your quality of life.


There’s never a bad time for health

Holiday season officially kicks of November first, only a few days away. You probably think it’s a bad time to start a new health eating regimen. There’s never a bad time. Start now, get on track and when the temptation comes you will be ready. The best way to start is by minding your portions. You probably won’t be able to avoid unhealthy foods this season but you can avoid eating them in excess.


Riesgos de Salud Para los Latinos

Sabias que de acuerdo con American Heart Association los hispanos tiene mas alto riesgo de contraer enfermedades cardiovasculares por presión alta, obesidad y diabetes? Es importante adaptar practicas sanas de alimentación y hacer ejercicio al menos tres veces por semana para reducir el riesgo.


Flu is a virus

Flu season is around the corner. The flu is a virus and can’t be cured with antibiotics. Your best defense is to increase the intake of immune boosting foods and supplements. Foods rich in Vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene, brightly colored fruit, garlic, Echinacea and antioxidants will help get you ready for the season.

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