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The Case for Vegetables

 This may be our least-exciting blog title to those of you who aren’t big fans of vegetables, but hear us out! Experts suggest that we eat five to nine servings of vegetables each and every day, but the fact of the matter is that very few folks even reach the minimum. But with all of the variety that exists in the world of vegetables – some you may not even know about – there’s definitely something for every taste; even those of you who aren’t big veggie fans. Here is a quick list of some veggies that are packed with…


Adding Omega-3 to Your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids. You’ve likely heard advertisements or read articles about their benefits to your health, but what exactly are they good for? Good question. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered ‘essential fatty acids,’ meaning they’re not produced naturally within your body. Instead, they need to be consumed, either through food or nutritional supplementation. The benefits are numerous, though it’s important to consume them within normal recommended amounts. Omega-3s can help reduce inflammation in the blood vessels and joints within your body, and play a role in reducing harmful triglyceride levels in your blood. As such, they also appear to aid…


Filling Your Prescription Just Got Easier

We often talk about how easy it is to fill a prescription at VH Pharmacy, but what does that mean? More importantly, why does it make a difference to you? Here are a couple of reasons why.


Schools Out! 3 Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy this Summer

No one loves summer vacation more than your kids. With endless sunny days and loads of free time, summer time is about as good as it gets in childhood. But with more activity and more time outdoors, it’s important to make adjustments to keep your kids in good health. Here are three musts for your kids’ summer break. Tips of your own? Share them with us! And don’t forget – VH Pharmacy provides a FREE 30 day supply of children’s vitamins once a month. Take advantage of it this summer!

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