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Need Help Maintaining Your Body Weight? Have Breakfast!

Studies show that breakfast can be important in achieving a healthy body weight.  In fact, those who skip breakfast tend to gain weight. When you skip breakfast your body is fasting. When your body is fasting for an extended period of  time it can increase insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. When choosing what foods to eat for breakfast, you may want to consider including at least one from each of the following food groups:


HCG Is Not Just For Weight Loss

You would be hard-pressed to find many people these days that have not heard of HCG. It was introduced to the public several years ago as the new “it” diet program. While the popularity of the ultra low-calorie diet program catapulted it to cult-following status, what people don’t know is that HCG is actually effective for many other medical matters. What is HCG? The human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a protein hormone produced by the placenta that is immediately released after implantation of a fertilized egg. It is required to sustain pregnancy and the ensure proper development of a…


Have a Weight Loss Goal? Your Pharmacist Can Help

Pharmacies like ours can help you meet your weight loss goal. You can schedule time to speak with a member of the pharmacy staff. We will get some calculations like BMI and blood pressure. Then we can test your blood glucose levels with a prick test. After reviewing your individual numbers and habits, our team can help you come up with a plan to help you reach your weight loss goal. Each person is different. We can help define a diet and exercise program that works for you. If we discover that compounded medication is something that can help you,…


Eating Right For Life

I wanted to continue to discuss women’s nutritional needs. Last time we examined certain habits that could negatively affect your diet. Were you guilty of any of those? Not you! Aside from breaking bad habits, eating right for your age is also important. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, your body doesn’t respond as well to certain foods and diets as it did when you were in your teens or 20s. “Eating Right for Life” is about adjusting your diet and eating habits to fit your age. In Your 20s … This decade should be about growing strong and healthy bones ……


Answer Three Simple Questions to Evaluate Your Eating Habits

March is National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month so I wanted to focus on both in a two-part series. This week, I wanted to discuss certain habits that may be sabotaging your healthy diet. If we polled 100 of our female customers, the majority would cite losing weight as a top priority. But the real focus needs to be supporting a healthy weight and lifestyle through a balanced diet. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s worth hearing 1,001 … a balanced diet is the key to good nutrition and good health. Many of the health…


Focus on Weight Loss Before the Holidays

The holiday season is terrible for weight control. As if all the parties with their decadent foods and colorful cocktails weren’t enough to pop a button, there are the cookie swaps, potluck dinners, and the food gifts. Then there’s the stress of buying gifts, decorating the house, party planning, and school holiday vacation. This goes on for weeks! Maintaining a healthy weight is much more challenging and important as we age. So this year, instead of overindulging in December and self-loathing in January, I want to make you aware of the options available that will allow you to enjoy the…


Exercising Is A Choice

It’s a wise choice to find a way to exercise. The obvious choices may not work for you, gym, run, or a class, so play with your kids, find your inner kid or take a long walk on your favorite beach or at the mall. There is a choice for everyone.

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