What is Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical Compounding is an art of creating pharmaceutical products precisely targeting the needs of individual patients and their unique physiology. For example my local compounding pharmacy in Miami would use various tools and methods to combine and prepare multiple ingredients in order to create a custom drug for a particular patient.

Why is Pharmaceutical Compounding so important?

Different patients will have different needs. Some patients may require to take their medication at a very specific dose and others may suffer from various allergies triggered by a certain ingredient contained within their medication. A lot of patients who visit Miami compounding pharmacy simply don’t like the taste of their medication or prefer to take it in a different form such as liquid, powder or capsules. If this is the case, their medication could be redesigned and have it’s flavour adjusted to best suit patient’s specific requirements.

Why isn’t Pharmaceutical Compounding more mainstream?

Just a few hundred years ago most medication was produced using Pharmaceutical Compounding. It’s only after the adoption of mass production that we started seeing more and more mass produced medication designed for an average patient. While the costs of production might be lower, the end product will often need to be adjusted for individual patients.

How is Pharmaceutical Compounding regulated in United States?

This would depend on the state you are in. A pharmacy in Miami will have to meet the standards set by a national Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board with inspection for compliance being carried out every 3 years. In a recent drug quality act congress allowed patient specific drugs to be manufactured without requiring FDA approval even though the quality checks still stand for individual ingredients used in preparation of custom drugs.

How safe are Compound Pharmaceuticals?

Compound Pharmaceuticals are considered to be a much safer alternative to mass produced medication as every medication is practically assembled by hand and double checked by a highly trained pharmacologist. Because every batch is custom made for a particular patient you are much less likely to overdose or encounter allergies.

How do I get a custom medication created for me?

First of all you would need to be assessed by your general practitioner or a specialist doctor in order to determine what medication you require, what allergies you might have and what dosage is perfect for you. The next step would be to visit your local Pharmaceutical Compounding specialist. We recommend Miami compounding pharmacy.


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