Common Services that Pharmacies Provide

pharmacyAs healthcare costs have increased over time, there has been an effort by pharmacies to provide more services to their customer base. One service that is common today and found in southern Florida is a Miami compounding pharmacy service. This is a specific service that allows for a prescription to be modified for the benefit of the patient. An example of this would be for compounding Miami pharmacists to change the form of a medication. Perhaps it is only available in pill form, but using certain Miami compounding pharmacy tools and methods, the pills can be turned into a useable liquid form for a patient.

Another example would be the need to filter out an ingredient in the medication that a patient may be allergic to. There is no alternative on the market, but a compounding Miami pharmacist can create a modified version of the medication that a patient will be able to use without an allergic reaction. Although this type of pharmaceutical service has been traditionally found in a hospital pharmacy setting, it is now seen more often outside this environment. Miami compounding pharmacy services can now be found in private pharmacies everywhere.

Although pharmacies are not a substitute for a general practitioner, a pharmacist has a lot of experience at seeing common ailments, and they can often help save you the cost of a doctor’s visit. A pharmacist will be the first to recommend that you see a doctor for anything that seems serious, but the fact is, many of the problems people have are not that serious. It is only a matter of getting some rest and taking some over-the-counter medications to relieve symptoms.

Examples of minor health issues include common skin conditions including acne and rashes. Having a cold with symptoms such as a sore throat or a stuffy nose is something the pharmacist can help with. Allergies can be tricky, but a good pharmacist will most likely be able to point you in the right direction with the medication most likely to help you. Problems with constipation as well as diarrhea can be controlled by diet and over-the-counter medications. Pain relief is available in many forms and is dependent upon the source of the pain. You can get advice on what works best for which condition simply by asking. Even a cut can be looked at to determine whether you need to have it attended to by a doctor.

Another service at your local pharmacy is getting your annual flu shot. There is no reason to make an appointment to have it done with your primary care physician. The pharmacist is most likely certified to give a flu vaccination and will be able to do so at your convenience. Often an appointment is not needed, and the pharmacy will accept many types of insurance.

Many pharmacies have expanded their service to include infusion services. This type of service involves medication in liquid form and usually delivered by an intravenous method. Pharmacies partner with local certified nurses and healthcare givers to deliver this type of medication in the home environment. Many large pharmacy chains are now offering clinical programs that involve chemotherapy and other injection therapies that are performed in the patient’s home. A compounding Miami pharmaceutical service and all of the other services that they have expanded into are not only convenient for patients, but they are also reducing the cost of healthcare.


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