Eating Right For Life

I wanted to continue to discuss women’s nutritional needs. Last time we examined certain habits that could negatively affect your diet. Were you guilty of any of those? Not you! Aside from breaking bad habits, eating right for your age is also important. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, your body doesn’t respond as well to certain foods and diets as it did when you were in your teens or 20s. “Eating Right for Life” is about adjusting your diet and eating habits to fit your age.

Your body doesn’t respond to diets as it did when you were in your 20s. "Eating Right for Life" is about adjusting your eating habits to fit your age.

In Your 20s … This decade should be about growing strong and healthy bones … think calcium. This multi-purpose mineral will fortify your bones and strengthen your muscles, nerves and heart. At this stage, you need 1,000 mg a day so be generous with your servings of dairy products, beans, leafy greens and almonds. And, if given an option, opt for calcium-fortified orange juice and cereals.

In Your 30s … These days, women are all about babies in their 30s, which means folic acid is essential this decade. But this is also a decade for maintenance and prevention, meaning eating to sustain a healthy lifestyle and avoid chronic diseases that are prevalent as we age. A diet containing plenty of omega-3 and monounsaturated fats has a laundry list of benefits, including: low cholesterol levels, fat storage and usage and reduced risk of diabetes. Nuts, avocados, olive and canola oils, salmon and sardines and good foods containing these healthy fats.

In Your 40s … Your body will start to show tale tell signs of neglect if you haven’t been treating it well. This stage of your life is a good time to obey your mother and “eat your fruits and vegetables.” They’re both low in calories and fat but packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can help protect against certain cancers and heart disease.

In Your 50s … This is a decade of transition. Perimenopause and menopause bring lots of changes, specifically hormone fluctuation, which tends to cause changes in metabolism. Many women will experience weight gain during this time. Decreasing calorie intake and increasing activity levels is a smart move. Those nuts that should have been a staple in your 20s and 30s need to be eaten sparingly. Without a doubt, though, the easiest way to reduce your calorie intake is to switch out your dinnerware. Studies prove swapping your plate from a 12-inch to a 10-inch can save you up to 500 calories per meal. And the best part is you won’t feel any less full.

In Your 60s and Beyond … Protein, protein, protein. We all tend to lose muscle as we age, and protein is vital for maintaining muscle. The average woman needs about 5 to 6 ounces of protein a day. Good sources include lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, beans and tofu.

Each life stage comes with individual health concerns and distinctive nutritional needs. Following a guideline and eating right for your age should allow you to enjoy each decade to its fullest. VH Pharmacy can help; come talk with us about your optimal nutrition plan.


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