Online Drugstore vs. Local Compounding Pharmacy

Internet pharmacyPeople who are in need of prescription medication may be wondering whether it is better to consider going with an online drugstore versus a local compounding pharmacy in Miami.
In some case, patients might find it beneficial to submit their prescriptions to an online pharmacy because of the convenience and potential cost savings. For example, patients may be able to arrange to receive three months of their medicine at once by mail, rather than having to go to their local pharmacy that’s doing compounding in Miami.

However, patients will want to try a local pharmacy if they have special medication needs or if the drug they require is no longer easily available on the mass market.
Patients with Allergies

For patients who are sensitive to additives and suffer from allergies, compounding in Miami is a good option. The pharmacist can compound medication without the use of any dyes or other inactive ingredients. Manufacturers use colors for their liquids, tablets and capsules for purposes of branding and to make their products distinctive from one another, but the colors are not necessary, as they are not active ingredients.
Rarely Used Medications

When demand is low for a particular medication, manufacturers may find that they have little incentive to keep producing it. In such cases, a pharmacy in Miami that does compounding is essential.

The pharmacist can use raw materials to create the drug, ensuring the patient will continue to receive the treatment recommended by his or her physician.
Special Dosages

Patients who have received prescriptions from their health care professional sometimes require medications to be dispenses in non-standard, special dosages. The needed dose might be a fraction of the smallest amount provided by mass-market pharmaceutical companies, or it might be much larger.

A pharmacist doing compounding in Miami has the ability to create customized medications that exactly meet a particular patient’s needs.

Change Delivery Mechanism

Patients who have difficulty swallowing pills can sometimes have their medicine produced at a compounding pharmacy when no other options are available through an online drugstore.

The pharmacist might turn the medicine into a lollipop, if the patient finds it easier to suck on something rather than drinking a liquid or consuming pills. Some medications can be turned into creams or ointments for topical application, which is beneficial when a patient has trouble holding things down.
Multiple Prescriptions in One Drug

A patient who has multiple prescriptions may find it tedious or difficult to consume all of the various pills and tablets.

By taking the prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy, the patient can often get multiple prescriptions combined into a single dosage, which is quite convenient and can encourage compliance in taking medicines every day.
Encouraging Children to Take Medicine

Sometimes children find a particular medicine to taste so bad, they become reluctant to take it, despite the pleas from their parents.

A compounding pharmacist can add different flavors to medications, creating liquid formulations as well as pills and tablets. When kids are able to swallow their medicine more easily, they stand to get better more readily.
Pet Medications

As with the case of medicines designed for people, pets often require a customized approach to their medications. A pharmacist can assist patients with creating the exact prescription drug for a dog or cat, for example, that uses the precise dosage given by the vet.

Pet owners often favor this approach, especially when they have had limited success with tactics such as hiding a dog’s prescription pill inside a handful of dog food, for example, or when a cat owner has difficulty forcing a standard pill down the mouth of a cat.

When it comes to considering an online drugstore versus going to a local compounding pharmacy in Miami, the patient needs to weigh a number of factors, including the desire for convenience and to save money, compared with needing a customized medication or a medication that is no longer available through normal consumer channels.


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