Why More Patients in Miami are Turning to Compounding Solutions

VH_HomeCompounding pharmacies may not be the mainstream choice when it comes to having prescriptions filled, but there are plenty of reasons for a patient to consider going to a local Miami compounding pharmacy when they need medication. Compounding pharmacies can help make medications safer, easier to take, and easier to access.

Millions of people are allergic to prescription drugs. This probably isn’t surprising since an individual medication can be made up of hundreds of chemicals– from the drug itself, to the binders, coloring agents, and coatings designed to differentiate it from other drugs and make it easier to swallow. If a patient is severely lactose or gluten intolerant, they may not be able to tolerate medications that rely on these ingredients even if they have no problem with the active components. A Miami pharmacy that compounds medications can personalize medication, omitting any ingredients that a patient is allergic to.

A lot of medications are difficult to take. They may taste unpleasant, or cause serious gastric side effects that prevent patients from being able to absorb as much of the drug as they should. Some people may be unable to swallow pills. This is a huge problem– how can a medication help someone if they can’t even take it? A Miami pharmacy that compounds medication can flavor prescriptions to make them more palatable, or even change how they are administered. Pills can be given in a liquid form, and some drugs are even available as a transdermal gel to make them even simpler to take.

A Miami compounding pharmacy may also have access to medication that is no longer mass-produced. Some drugs can fall by the wayside as new treatments are developed. When profit margins for these obsolete drugs fall, companies cease to produce them in large quantities. Unfortunately, not every patient may respond well or be able to tolerate new drugs, so they may need those obsolete medications to fall back on. Even though obsolete medications may not be able to be found at any old Miami pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy may be able to re-create that medication for their customers.

Some medical conditions require special considerations, too. Patients with oral lesions or hard-to-treat skin disorders may have difficulty finding regular medications in a form that is useful to them. A compounding pharmacy can take the active ingredients of things like pain medications, antibiotics, or antivirals and prepare them in a form that’s easier to use with difficult-to-treat infections or injuries.

Lastly, not all patients are easy to work with when it comes to getting them to take medication. Very young children and pets may be extremely resistant to taking medication, whether in pill or liquid form. A Miami compounding pharmacy can offer unique solutions when it comes to presenting medication– like chewables, medicated candy, or other things that look and taste more like a treat than a treatment.

Even if a patient’s medication isn’t discontinued or difficult to take, compounding pharmacies can help make the whole prescription drug ordeal easier and more pleasant for everyone involved.


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