Why Patients Need Pharmaceutical Compounding

iStock_000014744015XSmallMillions of people need medications that improve their physical well-being and quality of life. However, allergies and other sensitivities to the ingredients in medications can make life-saving medications unsafe for some of the people who need them.

A Miami compounding pharmacy is an integral part of the medical care team for many people in Miami. Compounding Miami pharmacists work directly with doctors and other medical professionals to ensure that patient prescriptions meet their exact needs while avoiding possible reactions. This is not always possible with the standardized dosages and ingredients in most mass-market drugs.

Compounding Miami pharmacies stock medications in their purest forms before any preservatives and other ingredients have been added. This gives the Miami compounding pharmacy the ability to dispense the medication in any dosage or form. There are several benefits that result from this ability.

• Most medications have standardized dosages that may be too low or too high for some patients. For instance, a patient who needs 200 milligrams of a medication that only comes in 150 milligram and 300 milligram doses would not be able to find an appropriate dosage at a conventional pharmacy. Taking the 150 milligram dose would likely be ineffective but the 300 milligram dose may cause side effects and other negative consequences. Compounding pharmacies can provide the exact dosage needed.

• Oral medications are not always the best option for patients. Some people have trouble swallowing pills, while others experience undesirable side effects from taking pills by mouth. Patients who have their prescriptions filled at a Miami compounding pharmacy have a variety of medication options that are not available to people who go to conventional pharmacies. Compounding Miami pharmacists can give their patients medicated liquids, gels, ointments or sprays. Giving medications that use these or other delivery methods makes it easier for patients to swallow their medication or avoid unpleasant side effects such as sleepiness or stomach upset.

• Pharmacists at compounding pharmacies can combine several medications into one formulation for patients who take more than one prescription. This allows them to save time by allowing them to take all their medications at once. This is also beneficial for people who have to give medication to children or animals, who are often unwilling or unable to focus on taking several pills.

• Most compounding pharmacies can add flavorings to liquids and gels, which makes taking medication more pleasant and makes giving medication to pets or children less stressful.

Ingredients that are added to pills often cause allergic reactions or irritate people with other sensitivities. These ingredients are added to stabilize the medications and extend their shelf lives. However, people with sensitivities to these types of additives cannot take standardized doses from conventional pharmacies without suffering serious side effects, including allergic reactions. Since compounding pharmacies receive medications in their unadulterated forms, they can give patients medication formulations that do not contain additives and preservatives that they may be sensitive to. This allows them to take the medications they need but does not produce side effects or reactions that are harmful or hazardous.

Although conventional pharmacies can meet the needs of most of their customers, compounding pharmacies in Miami are able to tailor medications to better meet their patients’ needs. Getting medications through a compounding pharmacy allows patients to avoid ingredients that they are sensitive to. People who need an alternative to pills can find them at compounding pharmacies, where pharmacists can mix multi-drug formulations into easy-to-take liquids and other delivery methods. This kind of personalized attention allows patients to take their medications in ways that best suit them, so that the drugs they need can improve their quality of life without causing side effects or inconvenience.


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