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In today’s world of ever increasing prescription copays and high gas prices, VH Pharmacy has the solution for you!

With our EXTENDED SUPPLY DISCOUNT GENERIC PROGRAM, you can get a three, six, nine, or twelve months supply of many generic medications for $20, $37, $55 or $70 dollars. The more you buy, the more you save.

What’s more, we will even ship it to your door! Shipping is even free for 6 month supplies or more ($10 for all others)!

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Generic ED Medication

Download Generic ED Medication Informational Print-Out (PDF)

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Your patients trust you. From diagnosis to treatment, they look to you for all the answers. They confide in you with not only their physical complications, but also their financial concerns on expensive co-pays, deductibles and overpriced name-brand drugs.

When you refer them to VH PHarmacy, you save them hundreds on their prescriptions. No patient should ever leave a pharmacy without their medication due to big-chain, mark-up pricing. With over 400 generics on our Extended Supply Generic Drug Program, your patients can get a year supply of a popular generic for just $70. This is often less than what a big chain will charge for a 30-day supply. Patients don’t have to file through insurance and don’t have to meet the required individual or family prescription deductible.

We believe in building strong pharmacist-physician collaborations in order to help improve the overall health of your patients. Retain their trust and loyalty and refer them to VH Pharmacy.

Download Generic Drug List and Pricing (PDF)

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Question: How can I transfer my generic prescriptions into your Extended Supply Program?
Answer: “Easy! There are a number of ways.”

  1. Just call us at 305.324.8777. Give us your Rx number, pharmacy name and phone number, along with your mailing address, and we will do the rest. Or,
  2. Have your doctor’s office call in new prescriptions for your medications.
  3. You can also send us a message by filling out this form below.

Question: “How do I get my refills?”
Answer: “You can do it online or through our automatic refill system.”

  1. Visit this page to order your refills online. Then just put in your Rx numbers and submit.
  2. Sign up for automatic refill and your refills will be sent automatically when they are due.

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Why VH Pharmacy?

Order with confidence from VH Pharmacy! We’re a family, and we want you to be a part of it, too. We’re at the forefront of technology, but we take pride in delivering the intimacy and service of a neighborhood pharmacy. By putting you first, we’re confident you’ll continue to count on us for your prescriptions for years to come. Please note that all online requests are reviewed and responded to by our team of licensed pharmacists. This ensures order accuracy and suitability for our patients. Our family looks forward to serving yours.
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