Want to Boost Your Brainpower?

The brain is probably the most incredible organ in the human body. It has amazed doctors and scientists for ages – how it works, how it develops, and how to keep it in tiptop shape.

We’re all born with roughly 100 billion brain cells. But unlike the cells in other parts of our body that continuously renew, the brain cells we start with have to last us a lifetime. And that is exactly why we need to treat them well – pamper them, nourish them, and exercise them! How? Here are three ways to boost your brainpower:

brain powerWith Exercise:
One of the many benefits of technology and the ubiquitous smartphone is the proliferation of apps. New brainteaser apps show up every day in mobile app stores with claims to improve memory and enhance other cognitive skills. While no one can say for sure yet whether that’s an accurate assumption, it’s worth giving one of these apps a try. It certainly can’t hurt to engage the brain. Plus, it’s fun!

With a Healthy Lifestyle:
The wholesome lifestyle habits you keep to enhance your physical health can also benefit your brain. Aerobic exercise and mindful activities like meditation and yoga can be particularly useful. That’s because stress increases brain inflammation, which can damage brain cells. So any stress-reducing activity is encouraged and recommended!

Through Diet:
The best way to boost brainpower is to cut out processed foods. Did you know people who eat 400 grams of vegetables and fruits a day perform better on cognitive tests? That’s because unprocessed whole foods like salmon, broccoli, walnuts, celery and blueberries are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish your brain cells. Watch your intake of refined sugar too. That could lead to insulin resistance in the brain, which has been linked to early Alzheimer’s.

With Medication:
A lot of people are turning to pharmaceuticals to maximize their mental capabilities. Stimulants, like Adderall and Ritalin, are primarily prescribed to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but both have become popular among college students for their ability to help them focus their attention better and process information. And professionals in highly demanding fields like global technology and banking are turning to Modafinil, a drug created for sleep disorders, for its ability to sharpen their minds and gain an edge on the competition.

Are any of these a part of your everyday brain boosting routine? What methods to you use to increase your memory and keep your brain sharp?



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