Focus on Weight Loss Before the Holidays

Weight loss before the Holidays

The holiday season is terrible for weight control. As if all the parties with their decadent foods and colorful cocktails weren’t enough to pop a button, there are the cookie swaps, potluck dinners, and the food gifts. Then there’s the stress of buying gifts, decorating the house, party planning, and school holiday vacation. This goes on for weeks!

Maintaining a healthy weight is much more challenging and important as we age. So this year, instead of overindulging in December and self-loathing in January, I want to make you aware of the options available that will allow you to enjoy the spirit of the holidays without damaging the good work you achieved during the year.

By now I think everyone has heard about HCG, an extreme diet plan that involves injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone women produce when they’re pregnant. Previously, the HCG weight loss program was defined by a 500-calorie diet paired with daily HCG injections. But research and new developments have allowed changes to this results-proven diet. The daily caloric intake does not have to be as severely restricted, and the hormone no longer has to be injected. The HCG hormone is now available as a nasal spray,a sublingual drop, and an oral troche, which will surely thrill the needle-phobics among us and make absorption that much easier.

Of course, many people prefer to tackle weight loss without medication. For those individuals, I recommend a detoxification program. If you feel like you’re not able to lose weight regardless of what you do, it may be time for a body detox. Detoxification is about cleansing and nourishing the body from within. By eliminating toxins and refueling your body with healthy nutrients, you jump-start your body to achieve your ideal weight.

Your needs and wants will ultimately determine the type of program and recipes you choose, but typically, weekend juice detoxes are the most popular and easiest to follow. These detox diets emphasize the consumption of fruits and veggies through shakes and smoothies to help with weight loss. VH Pharmacy offers detox programs that incorporate supplements, shakes, and recipes. Detoxification can also help reduce inflammation in addition to the weight loss.

Finding your optimal body weight is a very personal decision. So too is deciding which path you chose to take you there. Regardless of which method you select, it’s a good idea to devise a plan before the stress and obligations of the holidays begin to tug at your waistline. Come talk to us; we’ll help set you up for success.


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