Schools Out! 3 Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy this Summer

No one loves summer vacation more than your kids. With endless sunny days and loads of free time, summer time is about as good as it gets in childhood. But with more activity and more time outdoors, it’s important to make adjustments to keep your kids in good health. Here are three musts for your kids’ summer break.

  • Sunscreen. All skin tones – light, dark, and everything in between – all need sunscreen. It’s recommended that anytime your children go out into the sun that they’re protected with a minimum of SPF 30. If they’re sweating or swimming? Make sure to reapply often. And make sure to cover everything, including often overlooked parts, like their feet.
  • Proper Hydration. If your children are outdoors, sweating and expending energy, they’re quickly losing nutrients and liquids that need to be in balance for optimum health. Water bottles and balanced meals are especially important during the summer, so making sure that there are frequent play breaks in order to replenish fluids and nutrients are a must.
  • Hand Washing. This is often overlooked, but especially crucial during the summer months. It’s not a new piece of news, but with the number of things – and other kids – your child may come in contact with, frequent hand washing will help prevent the spread of germs. And during the summer, your kids won’t want to miss a beat. This basic routine should keep them healthy and on the go.

Tips of your own? Share them with us! And don’t forget – VH Pharmacy provides a FREE 30 day supply of children’s vitamins once a month. Take advantage of it this summer!


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