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Flavored Medicine – Compounded Prescription Candy

It’s no fun when your kids are sick. You want to do everything in your power to make them feel better. But the fact is that in most instances the only thing that’s going to help is medicine. We know … children and medicine are not the best of friends. We’ve all heard horror stories of parents having to plead and cajole their kids into taking a spoonful of something. Some of us have even starred in them. While we may applaud your efforts and laugh at your expense, we want you to know you don’t have to torture yourself….


Compound Pharmaceutical Options for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The rate of autism in America has grown to pandemic proportions.  In fact, at 1 in 68 cases per births, autism is currently the fastest growing developmental disability.  Although there are still no definitive causes for the disorder, researchers are studying many promising hypotheses, including abnormalities in brain structure and function. However, the media and the public are not the only ones who’ve taken notice. Decades worth of steady rise in diagnoses has created an intense interest in the pharmaceutical industry’s desire to perfect a medical concoction that helps autistic individuals. Of course until that happens, medical professionals are forced…

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