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How Testosterone Therapy Can Help

According to the 2014 Census, the U.S. is experiencing considerable growth in its aging population. While the aging of our citizens will have a wide-range of implications on our country, their medical needs interest me the most. It’s amazing to watch the metamorphosis in our bodies as we mature. The physical is evident to all of us. We notice it when we look in the mirror … our hair is not as thick and shiny; our skin is not as supple; our muscles are not as pronounced. And it goes without saying that the inside is going through its own…


Where is the Little Pink Pill?

Unless you’ve been living completely cut off from media outlets, advertising and marketing since the late 90s, you’ve heard of Viagra. I think it’s safe to say the little blue pill has changed the landscape of male sexual dysfunction, and also left many women wondering about a little pink pill. Although there are no equivalent sex drugs for women currently on the market, it’s not for a lack of trying. For years, scientists have been busy attempting to create the female Viagra. And what they have realized is that the solution to a woman’s sexual disinterest is much more complex….

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