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Compound Pharmaceutical Options for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The rate of autism in America has grown to pandemic proportions.  In fact, at 1 in 68 cases per births, autism is currently the fastest growing developmental disability.  Although there are still no definitive causes for the disorder, researchers are studying many promising hypotheses, including abnormalities in brain structure and function. However, the media and the public are not the only ones who’ve taken notice. Decades worth of steady rise in diagnoses has created an intense interest in the pharmaceutical industry’s desire to perfect a medical concoction that helps autistic individuals. Of course until that happens, medical professionals are forced…


Top 5 Reasons People Go to the Pharmacy

The global worth of the pharmaceutical industry is nearing $400 billion dollars. Clearly, the demand for medications is very high all over the world. Even though many people are on the search for an elixir of youth or some magical immortality potion, there’s a good chance that death will remain inevitable. Human health has its ups and downs, and people count on drugs to help themselves feel better and live longer. Getting drugs might be the most common reason for going to the pharmacy, but it serves other purposes too–and here are some of them.


Benefits of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical compounding is a process by which licensed pharmacists combine ingredients in response to medical prescriptions. By combining, mixing and altering ingredients, pharmacists can create tailor-made prescriptions that best meet the medical needs of patients. When done properly, pharmaceutical compounding serves an important health need. It provides treatment for patients who cannot use commercial medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Common Services that Pharmacies Provide

As healthcare costs have increased over time, there has been an effort by pharmacies to provide more services to their customer base. One service that is common today and found in southern Florida is a Miami compounding pharmacy service. This is a specific service that allows for a prescription to be modified for the benefit of the patient. An example of this would be for compounding Miami pharmacists to change the form of a medication. Perhaps it is only available in pill form, but using certain Miami compounding pharmacy tools and methods, the pills can be turned into a useable…


Why More Patients in Miami are Turning to Compounding Solutions

Compounding pharmacies may not be the mainstream choice when it comes to having prescriptions filled, but there are plenty of reasons for a patient to consider going to a local Miami compounding pharmacy when they need medication. Compounding pharmacies can help make medications safer, easier to take, and easier to access.


Online Drugstore vs. Local Compounding Pharmacy

People who are in need of prescription medication may be wondering whether it is better to consider going with an online drugstore versus a local compounding pharmacy in Miami. In some case, patients might find it beneficial to submit their prescriptions to an online pharmacy because of the convenience and potential cost savings. For example, patients may be able to arrange to receive three months of their medicine at once by mail, rather than having to go to their local pharmacy that’s doing compounding in Miami.


The History of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical compounding is the process of mixing and combining medicinal and sometimes non-medicinal ingredients to create a specific medication. In the past compounding was a natural part of exploring pharmaceutical benefits; today compounding is practiced in a Miami pharmacy or another pharmacy only when a patient’s medical needs must be met by a specifically tailored kind of medication.


Why Patients Need Pharmaceutical Compounding

Millions of people need medications that improve their physical well-being and quality of life. However, allergies and other sensitivities to the ingredients in medications can make life-saving medications unsafe for some of the people who need them.

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