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Headaches are Caused by Dehydration?

Did you know that 80% of headaches are caused by dehydration? On especially hot days, nine degrees or more above average, your risk of getting a migraine jumps 8%. Our brains are mostly water and when you reduce the water content in your body your brain literally shrinks because your blood flow function becomes disrupted and causes a reduction of flow to the brain. This in turn causes inflammation. In short, your body simply does not have enough water to function properly. You can recognize a dehydration headache because it causes pain when you move. To improve the symptoms, reduce…


Common Food & Drug Adverse Reactions

Many of our favorite foods are more satisfying when paired with another. For example, chocolate on its own is delicious but many people find that chocolate and peanut butter is a tastier combination. But did you know eating chocolate and taking certain drugs might carry risks? What you eat or drink can alter or even negatively affect the way your medicines work. Food can affect the degree and rate at which a drug is absorbed into your system, alter your metabolism and the excretion of certain medications. Although the specifics of “food-drug interactions” are complex, here are examples of foods…


ADHD Awareness Month

Because October is Global ADHD Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight the fact that standard prescription drugs don’t always provide adequate relief, especially for patients dealing with complex conditions such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. In those cases, compounded medications, which are personalized for each patient, are always a great alternative. There are several ways to help a person that suffers from ADHD. Besides finding a personalized, compounded medication to treat ADHD, making certain changes to diet and routine may help. Many doctors and patients are noticing an improvement by simply eliminating processed foods and those containing chemical additives and sugars….


Depression Education and Awareness Month

Celebrity deaths, like that of Robin Williams, heighten suicide awareness. In light of National Depression Education & Awareness Month, we need to be cognizant of the fact that depression is more than just feeling a little “blue” for a few days. It’s a chemical imbalance, and medication often plays a part in an effective treatment plan. A case of the blues, grief over a traumatic event or loss, or general sadness is not the same as experiencing depression. Feeling sad, anxious or unmotivated may be symptoms of depression but are just a few of the things that define this condition….


Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month has begun! Here’s a tid bit many confuse all the time…Forms often ask if you are white, black or hispanic. In reality being Hispanic or Latino is not a race it’s an ethnicity. Hispanics can be black, white, native or asian! But many are a mix of two or more races. No matter what your race is, if you’re Hispanic there are some diseases that target you genetically in part probably thanks to the foods you eat. Cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and AIDS all target minorities in the US most. Take this month to be…


Five Tips for Making Time for Exercise

Four percent of your day can change your body in mere months. One hour of your day is all it takes to get you fit. Here are five things you can change in your day to squeeze in a workout: Four percent of your day can change your body in mere months. One hour of your day is all it takes to get you fit. A few tiny changes in your day are all that is needed to squeeze in a workout. Here are five tips for making time for exercise: 1) Turn off the tube: Television can be a distracting…


Listen to your Body

When we realize we are unhealthy and overweight, we have often been ignoring our bodies for far too long. You absolutely must listen to your body. Here are five ways your body is telling you that you need a change: 1) Your eyes: have you noticed that the dark circles under your eyes are darker and deeper? This is a sign that you need to take more time to sleep. What may not be so obvious is that dark circles can also be a sign of food allergies. Talk to your doctor about this symptom and journal your food intake…


National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month, a month dedicated to the importance of eye health and safety. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had your eyes checked, now’s the time to call your local ophthalmologist.

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