The Time is Right for Cosmeceuticals

Holiday EventsThe holidays are literally around the corner. Today we pass out candy and after that it’s a parade of turkey and stuffing, Christmas trees, menorahs, sparklers, champagne and grapes. In all that merriment are countless office parties, family gatherings, and picture perfect moments. So if you have been curious about cosmeceuticals, there’s no better time to learn and experiment.

The term cosmeceuticals describes a new type and quality of skin care products. It’s an exciting combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These cosmetic products have active ingredients with proven pharmaceutical performance, such as lipsticks with antioxidants or face creams with retinol.

While cosmetics companies have been advertising the use of ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants, retinol and botanical extracts for years, cosmeceuticals have taken it a step further. These medical grade products can penetrate the top layer of the skin and positively react with the skin’s collagen, pigmentation and skin cell reproduction.

Cosmeceuticals, like cosmetics, are topically applied, but their active ingredients easily penetrate the skin and manipulate its biological function. Cosmeceuticals have been known to greatly improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, clarity and elasticity, so they’ve become very popular as anti-aging resources.

For many of us, the aging process is a challenging experience. We may not be ready for it, or it’s not what we expected. Regardless of the reasons, the desire to maintain youthful looks prevails for many. Fortunately, the latest trends in health and beauty have created a new realm of possibilities with the advancement of cosmeceuticals.

The future of youthful beauty from the inside out, so to speak, is bright. Dermatologists and compounding pharmacists are now exploring the science and principles of skin-care to develop multi-functional cosmeceuticals. These ensure your aging process is gradual and subtle. Stop in to talk to us about it–you’ll find yourself smiling–both in and at those festive photos.


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